Lowtec springs and suspensions

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Lowtec comp series Lowtec

LOWTEC COMP series completesuspensions and COMP shockabsorbers have a sporty setup, all shockabsorbers are equipped with rebound. LOWTEC COMP series are manufactured in standart quality and available for most popular cars as a lowprice alternative to the LOWTEC SPORT-premiumprogramm.

Lowtec SPORT series loweringsprings,completesuspensions and shockabsorber Lowtec Tieferlegungsfedern

The LOWTEC SPORT series suspensions are manufactured in premium quality for a huge selection of cars. The suspensions are made in an sporty-comfortable setup.

Lowtec coilover suspension Lowtec

Style & Performance

The new H9.1 series is our bargain in the Low-Price section featuring the same unique Lowtec HiLow hightadjustment system as the H9.2 and H9.3 series

The H9.2 series is the standard version in proven quality. Optimized covering and fine-tuned components provide maximum value at low price.

The H9.3 series is exclusively built with selected top quality material and finish. The exactly tuned high performance damping units, the optimized race springs and the excellent dual protection covering yield a dependable premium suspension system without compromise.

All series are available in the standard STREET version and the series H9.2/H9.3 alternatively also in the stronger RACE version. The H9.2 series is also available in the comfortable DYNAMIC version

The dynamic performance of the LOWTEC HiLOW system is unique. Depending on the version it gives race feeling or an acceptable comfort. This is race technique for common street use!